ITV (Film and TV Production Company)

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ITV PLC was formed in 1955 and is a leading UK media company. It owns all of the regional Channel 3 licences in England and Wales, which together account for over 90% of ITV1 advertising revenues. ITV PLC wholly owns 8 leading free-to-air digital channels:

  • ITV1 - entertainment, dramas, documentaries, news, films and sport
  • ITV2 - repeats, imported programming & behind the scenes shows
  • ITV3 - murder mysteries, classic dramas & movies
  • ITV4 - sports, movies & archival programming
  • ITVBe - lifestyle channel
  • CITV - children's programming
  • ITV Box Office - pay-per-view sports

ITV PLC's production arm comprises the largest commercial television production company in the UK and one of Europe's largest programme distributors.

ITV PLC owns the market leading cinema screen advertising businesses in the UK and Republic of Ireland and has similar joint ventures in continental Europe and the United States.

Carlton Television was the United Kingdom Channel 3 (ITV) licensee for London and the surrounding areas from 9:25am every Monday to 5.15pm every Friday (and for legal formalities, still is). The company is now part of ITV PLC and managed with London Weekend Television as a single entity, ITV London. Major programmes include London Tonight, The London Programme and London Soccer Night.

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Alternative Company Names

  • Yorkshire
  • The only way is essex
  • Television South
  • Take me Out
  • Potato, ITV studios
  • Meridian tv
  • Meridian Broadcasting
  • Meridian (ITV) Network
  • ITVBe
  • ITV4
  • ITV3
  • ITV2, Jive Records
  • ITV2
  • ITV1/Fremantle Media
  • ITV1 and SYCO Productions
  • ITV1
  • ITV/Mammoth
  • ITV/Granada Media
  • ITV Yorkshire
  • ITV West Television Workshop
  • ITV West
  • ITV Wales
  • ITV Tyne Tees/ BWP Group
  • ITV TV
  • ITV This Morning
  • ITV Thames
  • ITV Television Production
  • ITV Television
  • ITV Syco
  • ITV Studios/Smoulder Productions
  • ITV Studios/Smoulder Productions
  • ITV studios, Memorandum
  • ITV Studios Ltd
  • ITV Studios
  • ITV Studio Production
  • ITV Productions
  • ITV Productions
  • ITV Production
  • ITV Production
  • ITV Prodcutions
  • ITV prod
  • ITV plc
  • ITV Meridian
  • ITV Manchester
  • itv ltd
  • ITV London Studios
  • ITV London
  • itv Granada
  • ITV Gallowgate
  • ITV for Channel 4
  • ITV Fixers
  • ITV Drama
  • Itv digital
  • Itv digital
  • ITV Creative
  • ITV Central
  • ITV Breathless Ltd
  • ITV and FOX
  • ITV 3part drama
  • ITV 1 Wales
  • ITV 1
  • ITV (regional news)
  • ITV (Red Productions)
  • ITV (Jericho) Ltd
  • ITV (Carlton)
  • ITV - Breakfast
  • IT Central
  • HTV
  • Granada, ITV
  • Granada Television, Manchester.
  • Granada (England)
  • GMTV/Daybreak
  • GMTV
  • Globe productions/ Itv Studios
  • Globe productions/ Itv Studios
  • Freemantle productions/Syco/Thames TV
  • Freemantle productions/Syco/Thames TV
  • CITV
  • Central Tv
  • Central Television
  • Central Television
  • Central ITV
  • Celebrity Big Brother
  • Carlton TV
  • Carlton Television
  • Border Television