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Pete versus Life is a Channel 4 sitcom created by George Jeffries and Bert Tyler-Moore. It stars Rafe Spall and the first episode was aired on 6 August 2010.

The programme follows the personal life of Pete Griffiths, a budding sports journalist struggling with both his personal and professional life, dealing with issues such as relationships and trying to find work as a major reporter. He often finds himself in uncomfortable situations and can never quite find the right things to say. Whilst he goes about his everyday doings, he is commentated on by two announcers as if his life were a sports broadcast. The two commentators often cringe at the awkward positions Pete ends up in, and are unprofessional in their approach. One of the commentators, Terry McIllroy, is an ex-professional footballer and is loosely based on the real life co-commentator and Sky Sports pundit, Andy Gray.

Production Company: Objective Productions

Year of Publication: 2010

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