Screen Actor's WorkshopThe Workshop: The workshop will empower actors to develop their own method of screen acting.


Writer, director and producer Linzy Attenborough is running Monday evening workshops in Seven Sisters, London.

If attending for the first time actors need to prepare an up to 60 second monologue. They will be filmed performing their monologue both as a Wide Shot and Close Up. We will watch this back and develop the piece through out the workshop until it is screen believable.

As you progress throughout the workshop we will expand to scenes with other actors and work on screen chemistry. The concept is that you as the actor will be empowered to evaluate your own acting and we will define what is honesty on screen. Book on website:

Course dates & Times:

16th, 23rd, 30th September 18:30 - 20:30


MSFT Management/ Dyspla, Office 12,

Tottenham Green Enterprise Centre,

Town Hall Approach Rd,

London N15 4RX

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