Documentary style DP here

Looking to create the look of Joker, No Country For Old Men or Seven? I'd like to offer my services and equipment to shoot your film, doc, or music video. With access to a lot of great gear, I want to help YOUR VISION come to life. I can name off a lot of gear that I own, but each shoot requires a different tool and skill set. So I like to create a natural yet moody look with low key lighting and a documentary feel.

However with the right tools I can tailer my shooting style to meet your vision.

Besides shooting dynamic coverage and tailoring each shot to fit your style, I don't mind putting in the work during pre-pro. With that being said, I can create professional storyboards to help put the crew on the same page.

With over 10 years of working behind the camera, I can offer a lot to the production.

Feel free to check out my reel at my website -

My collection of gear is Alexa mini, Ronin 2 w/ master wheels, Black Arm, Wireless focus, slider, generator, Lighting, Canon C300, and full duplex headsets.

Thanks for your consideration!

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