Neander: we're an LA-based VFX company, here to serve you.

Stuck in a sudden VFX jam? Or are you making your first VFX-heavy short or indie, feeling overwhelmed, and not even sure which VFX questions to ask?

No sweat. Just drop us a line at rob@neander.tv - we’re smarter and nicer than any other VFX house, and we’re here to assist with any of the below needs you might have (even if - and especially if - it’s your first time in the VFX world):

Wire removal

Cast/Crew removal (i.e. removing people/crew from entire scenes or just from reflective surfaces such as glasses, sunglasses, windows, etc.)

Blood Removal (and/or changing blood to mud)

Object Removal/Environmental Clean-Ups (i.e. painting out power lines, urban beautification, fixing foliage, etc.)

Adding/Removing Lens Flare/Lights

Beauty Fixes (erasing scars/wrinkles, fixing hair flyaways, smoothing out actor prosthetics, talent body removal or de-aging, etc.)

Paint Fixes (i.e. painting over street signs, removing license plates, logo removals on clothing, buildings, etc.)

Roto-work (on both cast members as well as objects within scenes)

Timewarp/Speed Changes (i.e. fixing motion artifacts that are all too common with speed changes)

Weapon Augmentation (i.e. adding action effects such as muzzle flashes or expanding/enlarging existing effects)

Greenscreen/Bluescreen Compositing

Set Extensions

UI Design (i.e. Art direction for phone/TV composites)

Don't take our word for it - check out our reel at https://neander.tv/ and see why we're the best option for your project. Because VFX doesn't have to be scary - it just helps when you have experts on the case.


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