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Red Dwarf is primarily a character-driven comedy, with off-the-wall science fiction elements used as complementary plot devices. The action takes place after a massive radiation leak has wiped out the entire population of a mining ship in space and chicken soup machine repairman Dave Lister is the only living person in the universe after coming out of suspended animation after 3,000,000 years.

Production Company: BBC/Grant Naylor Productions/Paul Jackson Productions

Year of Publication: 1988

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Alternative Names

  • UKTV Red Dwarf XI - EP2 "Samsara"
  • Red Dwarf:Body Snatcher Collection
  • Red Dwarf, Series 5 'Death Day'
  • Red Dwarf XII
  • Red Dwarf XI, XII
  • Red Dwarf XI & XII (Model Unit)
  • Red Dwarf XI
  • Red Dwarf X
  • Red Dwarf VIII
  • Red Dwarf Series xi xii
  • Red Dwarf Series 8
  • Red Dwarf Series 7
  • Red Dwarf Series 12
  • Red Dwarf "Back To Earth"
  • Red Dwarf - Series XII