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Connected mandy members:

Richard Kiess
Voice Over: English
2020, Unicredit - 10 Golden Rules (Covid 19), VO
2020, Unicredit - 10 Golden Rules (Covid 19), VO
Anna Lawrence
Voice Over: English
2019, Poste, Voiceover
Peter Dimako
Director of Photography
2019, ARQ, Director of Photography
Tim Molina
Set Designer
2017, Fidelity International, Art Director
Andrey Kurochkin
Director of Photography
2014, BVCP, Editor
Brian Barnes
2011, Tomorrow's Talent, Editor
Brian Barnes
2010, EVAP, Editor
Joanna Bond
2009, Holocaust Educational Trust, Julia - reporter
Anna Drew
2009, HET2050, Girl in the park
Willesden Cemetery
2009, HET 2050, Onlooker
2009, 2050, Young Jewish Mourner
Willesden Green Jewish Cemetary

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