Stage Entertainment (Theatre Production Company)

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Over the years, Stage Entertainment has built strong partnerships with some of the world’s leading theatre producers. Working together with these licensors, we have successfully presented local language productions in our theatres across Europe of some of the most successful musicals ever created. As one of Europe’s leading theatre production companies, we also have ambitions to continue developing and presenting our own musical titles.
We aim to produce one new title each year using Stage Entertainment’s extensive knowledge and experience of the countries in which we operate. In 2007 we presented Ciske de Rat (in the Netherlands) and Ich war noch niemals in New York and Hinterm Horizont (in Germany). Both productions received rave reviews and have been sold out since opening. Ich will Spass! and Der Schuh des Manitu both opened in Germany in the Fall of 2008. In 2010, the musical Petticoat wadeveloped for the Dutch audience. Meanwhile Stage Entertainment UK has developed Sister Act, a co-production with Whoopi Goldberg, which played in 2009 at the Palladium Theatre in London and will premiere on Broadway on April 20.

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Alternative Company Names

  • Stage Holding
  • Stage Entertainment Germany
  • Jacobsen Entertainment / Stage Entertainment
  • Jacobsen Entertainment / Dirty Dancing UK Ltd
  • Jacobsen Entertainment