Area 5150

2021, 80 minutes

An alien-obsessed YouTuber and his friends travel to AREA 51 and find themselves on the run and on the menu in the deadly no-man's land outside the base.

An alien-obsessed YouTuber and his friends travel to Rachel Nevada in search of Aliens. On the way they have many strange encounters before reaching the base including a hitchhiking alien girl. At the base they are accosted by two men in camouflage. They are brought to a run down home in the desert, tortured, and eaten. Only Ashley escapes and is able kill off two members of the family. She reunites woth the hitchhiking alien girl and just when she thinks she is safe she is frozen in a cryo chamber and harvested.

Connected mandy members:

David Eric Rubalcava
Video Editor
Grip / Production Assistant
Raphaelle Gamanho
Graphics Designer
Art Department Production Assistant
Marilyn Moreno Gamez
Behind the scenes photographer
Jennifer Miller
Costume Designer
SFX make up
Christina Joo
2nd Assistant Director
Cj Guerrero
Writer / Director
1st Assistant Director
Lizz Smith
Sound Assistant
Production Assistant
Jennifer Miller
Costume Designer
Voice over
Jesus Zendejas
Production Assistant
Wardrobe Assistant / Art Department Assistant