Love At First Heist

2018, 10 minutes

Three graduates and three convicts. One couple and one heist. But what is the real prize?

Sam, a 25 year old graduate is suffering from post-graduate depression, along with three of his mates. Sam feels the need to marry his girlfriend of 6 years, Rosie. Sam sees it as a means to give his graduation and life a bit more purpose, however while on the date where he plans to pop the question, Rosie explains how proud she is that he hasn’t done that yet and that they are waiting for the right time. A defeated Sam, finds solace with his friends who to also find purpose conjure a ludicrous idea. To steal a multi-million pound painting from an auction being held at a big name restaurant. When they decide to start the heist, they are met by another group of criminals, only more experienced and also have a member called Rosie, Sam’s girlfriend. After the confusion when they break in at exactly the same moment and after a heated debate, a shootout occurs, with the more experienced gang of criminals becoming victorious, until Sully one of the graduates and a character who was presumed dead, rises and helps save the day. As they leave with the painting, Sam stops to pick up another million pound piece of jewelry that he later uses to propose to Rosie in his hospital bed after being shot during the shootout.

Connected mandy members:

Jd Hunt
Sully Jones
Tommy (Lead)
Tom Laker
Miriam Virgo
Mrs Jones