Quest of Beauty

2020, 50 minutes

When a model leaves an abusive relationship, she starts making a film about beauty that ends up saving her life.

Our need to fit into a society, to be loved and accepted, create an abyss between who we are and who we become. Cris Saur, was bullied in school for being taller and skinnier than the rest of the girls. Later she became a model for the exact same features she was bullied for. The pressure for the perfect look left her with a very low self-esteem, and she only realised how damaged her self-esteem was after being physically abused by a former partner. Her distorted ideas of her role as a woman in our society, topped with her low self-esteem were the main reasons why she stayed so long in the abusive relationship. The abuse followed by depression and panic attacks were the catalyst of her quest for beauty.

Connected mandy members:

Patrícia Borba
AD (1st)
Set PA