The Gatehouse

2015, 99 minutes

A Thriller in the style of a Gothic Horror story questions our view of what is right and wrong

Jack winter, a struggling writer lives with his 10yr old daughter Eternity in an old Gatehouse on the edge of an ancient wood. A new commission for Jack coincides with the discovery of a strange object buried in the woods by Eternity. What follows is a dangerous battle to save themselves and future generations from an ancient force from a forgotten world.

Connected mandy members:

Tayo Elesin
Matt Mitchell
Co-Executive Producer
Charlotte Ball
Art Director
Freelance Art Director
Jack Winter
Lily Faith Knight
Costume Designer
Set Decorator
Ben Metsers
Sound Recordist
Sound Recordist
Constable Black
Jess Heath
Make-up Artist
Makeup designer
Lily Faith Knight
Costume Designer
Set Decorator
Andrew Caley
Voice Over: English
Mr Hardware
Clare Pearce
Producer (lead)
Martin Gooch
Director, Writer, Producer