Hello New York and fellow East Coast Filmmakers!

Andrew Towe

Hey Everyone!
I recently just moved to NYC for the wife's new job and I moved my production company to here as well. I'm a Producer, DP and Photographer (among a few other things) and I'm looking to connect with others and see what's available out there. Soon I'll be getting two complete Canon C300 Mark iii packages and I need something to shoot!
Also tell me about you and your recent project.

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Renee Comings

Hello! I just graduated college. I am a director, producer, honestly anything on set-ter :) I'm always everywhere on the North east coast. I was supposed to shoot my big film this last spring but now it's been postponed until I don't know when. Would love to make connections and make it happen!!

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Rhiannon Hastings
Make-up Artist

Hello! Makeup artist in the Hudson Valley. About to head out on my production that was originally for April, but finally filming at the end of this month. Let me know if you need a makeup artist or other position filmed, I know plenty of people!

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Chris Miller
AD (1st)

Hi Andrew!

Welcome to the East Coast! I made the same move with my wife about a year ago after working for almost 10 years in LA, so I know exactly where you're coming from. I'm an AD and would love to work together in the future!

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Andrew Towe

Hey Everyone! Thanks for writing back! Since I'm so new and kind of starting over here. Would you all like to meet up (Safely) and just talk shop?

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Geoffrey W. Duncanson
Director of Photography

Welcome to New York
I mostly provide Steadicam, G&E, and Location Services
Based in lower Westchester that's just north of NYC about 5 minutes
I know the area inside and out
get in touch if you need any help or just to bounce ideas around

[email protected]

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Christopher Long

Nice post. You will meet Chris Miller this weekend on set. He is my AD!

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Andrew Towe

Ah wicked! Super siked!

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Gerry Pass

Hey NY Producers. During this difficult time of Covid, I have come up with a solution to solidify a closed eco-system of film productions, of which in real time, will provide information to your Covid Safety General in alerts and tracking of all cast and crew 24/7. We are seeking film and or commercial productions to provide our service for free for Beta Testing. Drop me a line.

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Kim Welch
Writer / Director

Hi Andrew, I am a little late to the party but I just wanted to let you know I have a space we can meet in the city and show videos in the conference room for small meetups of 6 to 12 people. It's close to Penn Station. Also, I am looking for any work on productions and willing to be a runner or even loader. Feel free to contact me.

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Hello everyone i’m Mara director /Producer and writer. I live in nyc but i’m always on the move for cinema related jobs between The U.S and Senegal ( west Africa) where I’ve completed most of my projects, over 10 years of experience (still a long way to go i know lol). I’ve performed mostly in the African continent but I would love to connect and network with my fellow filmmakers, Producers, around NYC. I’m available to help if needed by anyone. My wife also works with me, she stays fulltime in new york ,and i’m open to discuss ideas and make AMAZING PROJECTS!

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Howdy! I graduated college in 2019, but covid put a wrench in my career plans. I have only recently returned to freelancing as a result, though I have managed to secure a short string of gigs from July to mid-September. My first job in an HoD is starting production on Friday. I'm excited but I'm also a little nervous... I'm open to career advice.

Do let me know if you're looking to fill G&E positions on your next project. I am based out of Newark and only a train ride away from NYC.

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Hi! Editor and colorist based in Brooklyn here, let me know if you ever need any editorial or color work! Open to narrative (drama and tragicomedy are my areas of strength) and Documentary. Feel free to contact me.

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Hey all!

Im new to the industry(located in New York), started by doing clerical work for a production company, then worked on one full film (now in post production) as a swing(Set builder, Second AC, Grip, And PA), and another short thats in production(same roles as last film). If you need a G&E or PA Im available, I currently work from home as a consultant. Ive got tools, straps, and a full size pick up truck for hauling equipment and or rigging up filming rigs. I work with autos, motorcycles, and the safe handling of firearms. Ive got a wide variety of knowledge and Ive learned that they lend themselves to film/tv in more ways than I ever thought they could. Feel free to contact!

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Patricia White

Hi all.
I'm Patricia, a NY- based, SAG/AFTRA actress and script writer. Please reach out if you are a director or producer seeking a custom-made script. My expertise is in story structure and elements. I've written, directed, and produced films, TV reality pilots, children's shows, musicals, music videos and more. My training includes Upright Citizen's Brigade, SUNY Purchase, The New School, and NY Film Academy.

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Wim Sadmojo
Video Editor

Hello everyone!
I’m Wim, an editor, a handful of help in production aspect, and a recent college graduate based in Queens, NY. I’ve experience working with crews in various projects, edit YouTube channel videos, edit Zoom interviews, and if anyone wants to work together, I’m all ears.

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Brian DeCicco
Writer / Director

I am a filmmaker currently looking to shake up my career here in the Big Apple. I am a very talented, hardworking professional artist, director and producer, who has made several short films.
Post Covid, I have been struggling to find my niche of filmmakers in NYC who are as passionate about film as I am. If anyone could point me in the direction of individuals, forums, websites or networking events of like minded professionals, I would be appreciative.

  • 2 weeks ago
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Joshua Noble
COVID Compliance Officer

Hello hello! My name is Joshua Noble and since the onset of the pandemic, I have been working as a CCO (Covid Compliance Officer). My training is as an actor (Yale School of Drama), and I'm always eager to connect with creatives in NYC and NY state!

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