Mysterious Text Linked to Mandy..?

Jamie Grigsby
Director of Photography (DOP)

I'm still trying to work my way around Mandy and understand how the platform work for finding opportunity in the film industry so this might be a bit of a dumb ask but, I was wondering if its typical for a production company to reach out by text outside Mandy to offer a position for a crew member. Do offers for crew positions not have to be posted on Mandy or does this platform have to deal with the typical scam offers? I'm a little confused by the text, the company is in Taiwan but says they will be filming in my area; which isn't out of the norm completely for filming overseas. The text then asks me to confirm my skills and availability with an email to respond to. They've found my resume on Mandy and reached out.

Editorial Comment Hi Jamie,

Only Jobs posted to our jobs boards have been verified by a member of the Mandy team. If you are offered work outside of (via email call, or text) we cannot offer any of the same protections or assurances.

We always recommend hiding your personal contact number via your account settings and making sure any resumes are listed privately so you can control who gets to view them. While this is of course up to you, these are the steps we would always recommend taking to use our site with peace of mind.

Often those who say they've seen you on but are not posting via our Jobs board, or replying to your own application with offers of work are often trying to avoid our checks and verification. If you would like to report any suspicious employers or offers of work you can do so by contacting our customer service team ([email protected]).

Best regards

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