Brooklyn Street Artist looking for next gig

Jonathan __wyandt
Production Assistant

My work can be found on Instagram @calimaverick, I can also email my portfolio.....please let me know if I can be of service. Any leads y’all can provide is much is a little bit about me to review

I can paint on any surface, and just about anything. I specialize in photorealism, typography and design. I have worked with large companies/agencies all the way to private commissions. No job is too big or too small. Call or email today for a free estimate! Here is a little bit more about me....IG @calimaverick

I am an accomplished street artist/ designer looking for his next project or wall to paint / design.

I've never been accused of being normal or average - which is a good thing. Grew up in Florida, lived all over the US and now call New York City home. Maverick is an old nickname because I can be a tad unorthodox at times... zig when everybody else zags is how I live.

I love cars, my family + art.

Won an art contest when I was 17 and went to art school in SF + at SCAD. No clue what I wanted to do so went back to school for marketing (thought I wanted to wear a suit everyday - then I woke up.)

I love a killer light flare, old school comic books + video games.

My parents gave me values, life toughened me up + just like art, I'm a work in progress. Spent the last few years painting, experimenting + moving.

I love New York, my dogs + hip hop.

MADE is my brand + way of painting. It comes from my philosophy + appreciation for handmade, craftsmanship + quality. I never cut corners, copy or trace. My motto is one of one, never again, never before.

I love America, technology + Girl Talk.

Every piece is mine + reflects what's in my head. Every mural + canvas I paint has a heart hidden in it for my inspiration / daughter Ruby.

MADE is more than just art. It's a lifestyle + belief. You get it or you don't. Right now it's art + design but working on my empire.


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