Miami creatives. Coffee and chat?

If you're a creative in Miami.

I want to plan a "Coffee & Chat" for everyone to make some new friends in the entertainment industry.

Reply with a brief summary of yourself so we can get started!

Here's me:
Jamil Martinez
I run an influencer talent agency. We help influencers with brand deals and currently working on packaging for TV and movies. I'm pretty bullish on the future of the creator economy and what it could mean for entertainment.

an espresso gym pump, steak house and a cigar night with the boys is my idea of a great day.

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I spend half my time in the Miami area and half in Georgia where I normally live.

Melvin Marsh (on IMDB as Melvin S. Marsh)
I work primarily as a stage manager (theater/corporate events) and I've done some associate producing on films across the country. I would like to get more into being a 2nd AD. Here in Georgia, I mostly do event medic work as that's where the contracts are.

My idea of a good day is getting some creative juices out, a good restaurant, learning new skills. I'm a little calmer and a heck of a nerd haha.

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Also, I will be back in town in June. My family is in Hollywood.

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