NJ filmmakers! lets connect and create things!

I'm a filmmaker local to Central Jersey and would love to connect with other filmmakers from Jersey or even in the tri-state area.

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Yu'Seph Cornish
Costume Designer

Hi there Alexis!

Saw your post and just thought I'd poke my head in and send a long my info!

I am Yu’Seph Cornish, a Costume Designer based in the southern NJ area. And I am always on a mission to continue branching out with my work to build relationships with filmmakers and other artists alike.

While most of my work has been in professional theatre, I've designed a couple student ran and professional productions in the past. I also have experience in props and set design/dressing and art direction!

I'd certainly love to learn more about you and perhaps even connect and create things in the future :-)

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Leo Decristoforo
Director of Photography (DOP)

Hi Alexis,

thanks for reaching out, happy to introduce myself quickly.

My name is Leo Decristoforo and I am a NYC based cinematographer/DP, shooting both narrative and documentary formats. All my references are on my website: www.leodecristoforo.com

Together with my wife Marina I organize the Pillusion Filmfestival on my family's farm in Austria, to which filmmakers from everywhere can submit and attend. www.pillusion.com
Our goal is to strengthen the film infrastructure in rural regions and put a focus on the art aspects of filmmaking.

I'd love to connect, feel free to reach out if you need a cinematographer for future projects!


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Seth Berens

Hi Alexis, I’m in Central Jersey, too, and I’m open to collaborations. My main interest is writing, but I would also be happy to help out on any film sets, even though I don’t know anything. What kind of stuff are you writing?

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Hi Alexis, I live in LA, but grew up in Central Jersey and I will be working on a few projects there soon. Let's connect when you have a little time. Send me a message with the best way to send you a zoom link....

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