NY Screenwriter/Associate Producer

Hello, my name is Nicole L. Drayton and I'm a screenwriter and associate producer based in Brooklyn, NY. I received my Bachelor of Science in Media Production and Screenwriting from The New School in New York. Generally, my creative work strives to explore the racial, cultural and economic differences between people and the tensions they create within an urban landscape through the use of comedy. I've worked for Efran Films, Playtime Ain’t Over, LLC, Hayride Productions and EP Productions.

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Pablo Borges
Costume Designer

Hello, my name is Pablo Borges and I am a Costume Designer based in Los Angeles, CA. I am a member of the Costume Designers Guild Local 892 and IATSE 705. Haver been working in the film and TV industry since 2003 (20 years of experience) I am looking for my next project, and wanted to introduce myself to the Mandy.com community. Below, is a cut and paste link to my IMDb. I have worked in just about every kind of show. From period, to superhero, to contemporary, to westerns...


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