How to Start Your Career as a Voiceover Artist

A career as a voiceover artist can be exciting, varied and hugely lucrative, so it’s no wonder experienced creative professionals and emerging talent are seeking work in this field.

As with any other career, it is important to consider all factors when entering a competitive industry. This handy guide will put you in the best possible position of establishing yourself in the industry and gaining professional work as a voiceover artist.

What are the benefits of working as a voiceover artist?

There are many reasons why you may consider working in this industry, and here are just a few that our members have highlighted:

  • The industry is growing. With the rise of artificial intelligence adopting voice functionality and generally a growing need for skilled artists, there are many new opportunities for talent looking for work.
  • The opportunities are varied. With more jobs in the industry, you could find yourself working on a radio ad one day and a commercial campaign the next.
  • Work on your own terms. The ability to work from home with your own equipment and plan jobs around your schedule is hugely attractive. Developing this work-life balance can be key to your day-to-day job satisfaction.

How to train as a voiceover actor

Like with any other career, it’s vital that you have a strong understanding of your industry and, while you may want to start working immediately, getting the necessary training will allow you to maximise your earning potential as a voiceover artist.

Connecting with vocal coaches can help develop your understanding of the industry, offer useful contacts and provide important training. Vocal coaches provide training for beginners, established artists and specific training in every dimension of work you can imagine. Alongside this, they can help with marketing your services and demo reel production.

How to set up your home recording studio

Many voiceover jobs require you to have your own home recording studio, so having a professional set up is essential. A home studio allows you to work independently and produce high-quality work on your own terms.

A good place to start is by assessing which space in your home can function as a studio - it doesn’t have to be huge or expensive. Here are some key considerations when setting up:

  • Soundproofing. An important step not to overlook, soundproofing your room will let you filter out external and unwanted sound, allowing your work to sound much more professional.
  • Microphone. There are many different microphones on the market, and it is important to do your research. The most expensive may not always be the best, as some are tailored to different types of voice work. Testing a few and getting advice from those in the industry is key.
  • Software. Having the right software is important in producing professional-grade recordings that highlight your skills. Popular recording programs and software include: Adobe Audition, Audacity, ProTools and GarageBand.

How to market yourself as a voiceover artist

Building your presence is vital when establishing yourself in the industry. Having an effective online presence is not to be overlooked. Many top-tier voiceover artists have websites and engaging social media channels - clients and casting directors look at these when determining what talent they want to hire!

As with many other industries, networking is key. We would suggest you attend industry events, meetups and seminars. Much of the time artists are cast through these methods, so  attending industry events will maximise your ability to find work.

How to find work as a voice-over artist

Alongside marketing yourself effectively, having a strong voice over demo reel demonstrating each aspect of your skillset will position yourself in the best possible way to employers.

Finding work as an emerging voice over artist can be tricky, but having a profile on Mandy Voices is a great place to start. It allows you to create your own space that highlights your skills and offers you the means to liaise with key industry figures and employers.

We’ve created a handy guide that offers tips on how to optimise your Mandy profile. Once your profile is complete, you can start applying for jobs and opportunities on our platform - we post hundreds of new positions weekly. If you’re looking for extra tips and guidance for navigating the industry, our Forum is a great space to connect with our talented community of voiceover artists. 

We hope you now feel equipped to begin or maximise your career as a voiceover artist. Once your Mandy profile is complete, you can start applying for jobs on our platform! Carefully reading through these points and applying them to your career will put you in the best possible position of getting hired.