How to kiss on stage or on set

Kissing on stage may seem like a big deal, and I know it can be hard as I speak from experience, kissing in front of classmates or anyone on fact is scary!

The trick is to just do it don't be scared on how well you do it first just get it done with. don't just do it once get used to it before the big performance. don't make a big deal out of it or others will also.It's perfectly fine to feel awkward about it, at least for the first kiss. It's definitely weird, and everyone else will be completely sympathetic and forgive you if you show your awkwardness the first few times. That's what rehearsals are for!!! Eventually, you two will be able sort out--"okay, hand on shoulder, pucker up...there"--and you will settle into some sort of routine that you both will be comfortable with by the time the show is put on. In my experience, the awkward feeling doesn't always go away, but you get better at hiding it.

You should not feel like, since your characters are romantically involved that you personally have to become romantically involved. The friendships I have witnessed surviving rehearsal after rehearsal of stage kissings were those relationships where each person had realistic expectations of what they were getting themselves into. They still remain the best of friends, and my own best friends. Not girlfriend/boyfriend, and not the awkward, not-really-friend, confused sort of people. You don't have to commit yourself to something your character did. You are NOT the same people. I do hope you have fun on the stage, though. You will be able to grow in ways that you fellow actors will envy, even if they say (or joke) otherwise. I've been on both sides of THAT fence. Oh ----and trust me---- you WILL be teased by friends, and there will be many jokes made here and there...I was the butt of many stage-relationship jokes, but of course, many of the jokes about me were made by... ME. haha!

Have some fun with it.