Why hasn't my unpaid opportunity been approved?

Our Opportunities board is largely limited to student and micro budget films, as well as fringe theatre. As per both legislation and Industry guidelines, we do not post unpaid commercials, corporate or promotional productions.

For Opportunities, we require that candidates receive at the least travel expenses for each day of both rehearsal and performance required.

Please state what you are able to offer in the “salary field”; this may include:

  • Food expenses or meals provided
  • A copy of the finished project
  • Complimentary tickets to the production for industry peers.
  • Profit share

Please ensure you include enough details on your project and about your production company (without any contacts, as these will be removed) in your job post.

Please keep in mind that our website is for professionals, and we need to guarantee that any Opportunities are chances for a candidate to get more exposure or better their CVs, as they are not getting paid.

Not inputting these details will delay your job post being live on the site.

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