Eligibility Criteria

Mandy is a site for professionals and, as such, we have strict eligibility requirements across our branches. Across our site, all candidates must have experience of working in their chosen field. Some of our sites also require professional images, so that we can present you in the best possible light. Please see below a breakdown of the eligibility criteria for our sites.

Mandy Actors

All actors need a minimum of one professional headshot plus one of the following: 

  • Professional acting training; or 
  • One professional speaking credit

Mandy Talent 

Mandy Talent is designed for those just breaking into the industry who want to better learn and understand their chosen medium. If you are unable to join Mandy Actors at this time we will move your profile to Mandy Talent. To join this site you will need to have a minimum of one professional quality image.

Mandy Voices

Voice over artists that want to join Mandy Voices have to have a voicereel or a voice clip showcasing their talent.

Mandy Kids

Performers under 18 years old can have a Mandy Kids profile. This profile needs to be created and managed by their guardian. All children need a minimum of one professional headshot and a credit, this could be any plays done in school, amateur dramatics, kids club or modelling - anything that shows the child's experience with performance. 

Mandy Singers

All singers need a minimum of one professional quality image and a voice clip that showcases their talent.

Mandy Crew, Stage & Music

To join our site as a Crew member, Theatre Professional or Music Professional you will need to have professional training/qualification in the the field or have had at least one professional experience/credit. 

Mandy Dancers

To join Mandy Dancers the performer needs to have one professional quality image plus one of the following: 

  • Professional training; or 
  • One professional dancing credit