Executive Assistant Needed
Entertainment Lab

Executive Assistant Needed
Entertainment Lab

  • Project Details
    A talent and literary management company with locations in Los Angeles and New York, is searching for a new Executive Assistant, at the Los Angeles location

    We are specifically looking for an applicant who plans on staying long-term in the talent management field, because we will invest a lot of our time on training and education of the new Executive Assistant to make sure they move up from Executive Assistant to Jr. Manager/Manager position, within 1-3 years.

    - 9:00am - 7pm, Monday to Friday, and one hour at any time on Sundays to catch up on weekend appointments/scheduling.

    - in LA, with paid parking (note: all work is remote, until most Covid19 restrictions are lifted)

    - $17/hour to start, with increases the longer you stay with the company
    - every workday, there is at least one hour of paid overtime,
    - plus bonuses throughout the year, if Covid19 does not affect our operations further.
  • Production Type
    Film & TV Crew
  • Production Type
    Agents + Managers
  • Production Type
    Multimedia (Other)
  • Union Status
  • Location
  • Dates & Location
    Immediate, remote, in LA
  • Closing Date
    15th Aug 2022