The Cats are Conspiring
Baaler Studios

The Cats are Conspiring
Baaler Studios

  • Project Details
    The Cats are Conspiring is a dating reality tv show that will provide a 'play by play' breakdown of what happens during first dates from a personality psychology perspective.

    Shoot will involve two actors engaging naturally in a first-date setting for ~1-2 hours while being filmed.

    We are looking for actors who have on-camera experience. As a submission, please send a short informal video answering the following questions:

    - Do you know your MBTI type? If so, what is it?
    - What aspects of your MBTI type do you most relate to?
    - What are some of your 'flow states', where you feel fully engaged in an activity?
    - Do you process emotion more internally or externally?
    - What adjectives would you use to describe people you are very compatible with? Very Incompatible with?

    Thank you in advance!
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    Reality TV & Documentary
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  • Dates & Location
    8/29/22 1-2hour shootday
  • Closing Date
    18th Aug 2022
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    Dating Male
    White / European Descent | Black / African Descent | Latino / Hispanic | Asian | South Asian / Indian | Indigenous Peoples | Middle Eastern | Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander | Ethnically Ambiguous / Multiracial