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What's All The Fuzz About? - Film
Art Beyond the Ink

What's All The Fuzz About? - Film
Art Beyond the Ink

  • Project Details
    Art Beyond the Ink is guided by the philosophy that every piece of music tells infinite stories. Our films use musical storytelling as the narrative foundation; we pair a piece of music with another art form (like dance, animation, silent film, etc.) to tell a story that we hear within the music, serving as visual representations of the creative listening process."What's All The Fuzz About?" will pair Katie Jenkin's "Constructions" for flute and piano with dance to comically depict protagonist Ruby's irrational fear of mice and her panic when she thinks she sees one in her apartment while preparing for an anniversary dinner.
  • Production Type
    Feature Film
  • Union Status
    Non Union
  • Location
    New York
  • Dates & Location
    TBD: Early-Mid March
  • Closing Date
    31st Jan 2022