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Emmerdale, previously known as 'Emmerdale Farm' is a critically acclaimed British soap opera, set in the fictional village of Emmerdale in West Yorkshire, England. It is one of the longest running soaps on UK television, first airing in 1972; it is eclipsed by Coronation Street (also on ITV) which has been on screens since the 60s.

The show has been produced by three production companies over the almost 5 decade run:
1) Yorkshire Television
2) ITV Productions
3) ITV Studios

The show has brought to life multiple iconic families that have delighted and infuriated audience over the year, the most famous of these families include the Dingles, Sugdens, Bates', Thomas' & Tates. The viewing figures for the second oldest UK soap have remainder strong, at around 6 million, meaning that the show is not leaving our screens any time soon. Over the years many Mandy members have worked on the show, finding jobs as both cast and crew.

Production Company: Yorkshire Television

Year of Publication: 1972

Companies connected with this show

BBC Granada ITV Yorkshire Television

Connected mandy members

Andy Moore.
PC Mike Swirling
Amy Rogers
Wardrobe Assistant
Principal Costume Dresser
Bob Tomson
Steph Parry
Liz Jadav
Voice Over: English
Sally Stanhope (N. Yorkshire)
James Spivey
Camera Operator
Camera Assistant/Operator
Jamie Tate
Lucy Archbould
Costume Supervisor
Costume Team
Keith Senior
Bessie Allan
Wardrobe Assistant
Costume Trainee
Doctor Fields
Nick Wymer
Dr Oliver (2 episodes)
Gill Szulc
New Villager
Niall Connolly
Stage Manager
Stage Manager / Standby Art Director
Wedding guest
Emma West
Art Dept Assistant
Art Department Intern
Chris Courtenay
Voice Over: English
Hugo Mosely
Mark Brent
Martin Patterson
Rav Takhar
Neonatal doctor