Why hasn't my child's headshot been accepted?

A professional headshot is an essential criteria for being a member of this site. This is used to ensure that all our profiles are meeting the industry standards.

While we can make exceptions for newborns and toddlers, your child's profile will not go live without a professional looking headshot set as the default image.

Whenever a new photo comes through to our site, we ask two questions:

1) Is this image professional?

2) Is this image a headshot?

To be categorised as "professional", an image must:

  • be taken by a photographer with adequate expertise and training
  • be of high quality – with no pixilation
  • be an original (not a photo of a photo!)
  • not be a holiday snap or selfie
  • be filter-free

To be categorised as "a headshot", an image must:

  • be free from hats, sunglasses and props
  • show minimum shadows
  • depict the face, neck, hair and shoulders – and no more!
  • have a neutral background that doesn't distract
  • be in focus
  • have no names or contact details on the photo, and no school patches showing on the uniform.

Your profile will not go live without a professional headshot approved as the default image on your profile, however you can upload other extra images as a Premium Member.

Remember, poor quality photos will reflect badly on your applications!

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