An Interview with Dave Fennoy, voice of Lee Everett in 'The Walking Dead' Game

Dave Fennoy is an award winning voice actor whose best known work among others is the role of Lee Everett in The Walking Dead. Dave talks to Mandy News about his introduction to voice acting and playing Lee in 'The Walking Dead' game.

4th April 2019
/ By James Collins

David Fennoy IMDB

How did you get into VO acting? 

I was a musician turned Radio Personality in San Francisco when I discovered Voice Over. I was on my first job as a copy writer and continuity director when one of the DJ at the station mentioned VO.  He was leaving the station and mentioned he was going to do some VO and that he made more money doing that than he did on the radio. A light went on and never went off, though it took a couple years before I did anything about it.  Eight years later as morning jock on KSOL and doing a fair share of SF voice over work on TV 2o and on a telephonic entertainment company called Megaphone, doing the Prince and Michael Jackson Hotlines.  I took a 2 day VO workshop with an agent form LA.  Being the Morning Maniac on KSOL I took her card for the future and the future came 3 month later when the station fired all the jocks and I began commuting back and forth every week to LA. 

You played Lee in 'The Walking Dead' game, acting as Clementine's companion/guardian, which is more like a story than a game, how did that come about and what is it like to be a part of that universe?

Like most jobs in VO, it was an audition. They had actually hired somebody else to play Lee but didn’t like episode one and an employee at Telltale games suggested me. I auditioned and the rest is history! A hundred game of the year awards and 6 nominations as best voice in a video game, with 2 wins.

Do you have your own studio? Where do you work? 

Yes, I have my own studio in my house.  A whisper room, and a collection of mic’s but I use my Sennheiser 416 most of the time.

Do you have a favoured set of equipment or mic you use?

My 416 or Neumann TLM 416, Protools and Twisted wavs. Also an Avalon 737 and Aphex Channel strip for preamps.

What are you working on at the moment? 

Several projects that I can’t mention but some work on ‘Elder Scrolls’.

What advice do you have for people wanting to get involved in VO acting? 

Get training, relax and enjoy the ride