EVA POPE actor, producer and BRYAN OLIVER actor, writer, director are highly experienced Meisner technique practitioners who are teaching on-going low cost classes in Putney.


Meisner class has made a profound difference to my career. Within a few weeks of starting class, I was shooting a series called Crossing Lines with William Fichtner. It has also made a huge difference to my experience of casting interviews. I don’t get nervous anymore, and am fully present throughout the whole process. My hit rate since starting Meisner dramatically improved; I get far more offers than I used to. (William Brand)

The weekly classes run by Bryan and Eva are always encouraging and positive, and the open-ended nature of your attendance means that you progress at your own pace: you advance in the work as you master it, not at the rate set by the timetable of a fixed-length course. (Edwin Flay)

Meisner classes with Actors Gateway have allowed me to become a more fuller actress. Meisner really teaches you to DO rather than pretend. Eva and Bryan are fantastic and really push ones boundaries to deliver the best you can. Both are still actively working in the industry which I find very inspirational and have a lot of respect for them. (Jasmine Stewart)

Once you trust and embrace the technique, you cease to act and begin to truthfully live in imaginary circumstance. (Mike Archer)

This has 'changed my life', this has 'blown my mind'. (Simon Wan)

I travel from Manchester every week for this 5 hour long class and never leave disappointed but always with an enthusiasm to want to learn more .(Lynda Arron)

Actors who have studied Meisner include Tom Cruise, Kathy Bates, Naomi Watts, Steve McQueen, James Gandolfini, Diane Keaton, Robert Duvall, Sandra Bullock, Philip Seymour Hoffman.and many many more.

With over 20 years of Meisner experience between us, we offer the chance to explore this wonderful acting technique at your own pace. The class is suitable for professional actors who are Meisner beginners and also actors who want to brush up on their Meisner.

So why not try our classes? It might just change your life.

Tuesday Afternoon Class: 2-7 Putney Community Church.

COST: £35 per five hour class (maximum 20 people)

Also: Wednesday Evening Class: 6-10pm at Putney Library Meeting Room.

COST: £35 per 4 hour class (maximum 16 people.)



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