EVA POPE actor, producer and BRYAN OLIVER actor, writer, director are highly experienced Meisner technique practitioners who are teaching on-going low cost classes in Putney.

Join us at The Actors Gateway and try out a class this summer. You will be taken through exercises including Repeats, working off a partner’s behaviour moment to moment. It's about really seeing, really listening, really doing, and getting away from being self- consciously trapped in the head. You would also see actors doing advanced exercises, Independent and Knocks, Scene Work, Improvisation, Emotional preparation etc. You will start to learn the power in developing the actors imaginative skills.

What our Students are saying:

I discovered The Actors Gateway on returning to the industry after a break and can honestly say it's the best training I’ve ever received. Eva and Bryan are fantastic teachers and the classes are incredibly supportive. Meisner has made me a more authentic actor and has allowed me to discover parts of myself that I didn’t even know existed. It’s an incredibly exciting way to work and gives you a courage and a set of tools that have helped endlessly in the audition room. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Natalie Hughes

Learning the Meisner technique with Bryan and Eva has been a game changer for me.

They create such a safe and nurturing environment that you feel able to really jump in and try different things. So often as actors, the fear of 'getting it wrong' keeps us from being as free as we can be; but since working with Bryan and Eva I am so much more free and confident in my abilities. Not only do they encourage you to grow; they are a joy to work with.

Sara Matin

I’ve been going to the Actors Gateway for 2 years now and my journey has been incredible! The Meisner Technique has really given me confidence and opened me up emotionally so that I can live truthfully in the work. This is my acting home.

Scott Hume

Meisner through The Actors Gateway has enabled me to find my true voice, both as a performer and individual. I genuinely can say I would not be the person I am today without Meisner.

Carole Leclanche

After 20 years as a working actor, finding the Actors Gateway has been a breath of fresh air and re-invigorated my career. Training with Eva and Bryan has brought a greater depth to my acting, making me more relaxed in performance and during castings.

James Hillier

The weekly classes run by Bryan and Eva are always encouraging and positive, and the open-ended nature of your attendance means that you progress at your own pace: you advance in the work as you master it, not at the rate set by the timetable of a fixed-length course.

Edwin Flay

Meisner Technique is a unique approach to expanding one’s acting skills, an intense journey where one can really blossom. Actor’s Gateway provides a challenging and supportive space where we can explore both the technique and who we are...imaginative, truthful and courageous actors.

Linny Bushey

Actors who have studied Meisner include Tom Cruise, Kathy Bates, Naomi Watts, Steve McQueen, James Gandolfini, Diane Keaton, Robert Duvall, Sandra Bullock, Philip Seymour Hoffman.and many many more.

Tuesday Afternoon Class: 2-7 Putney Community Church.

COST: £35 per five hour class (maximum 20 people)

Also: Wednesday Evening Class: 6-10pm at Putney Library Meeting Room.

COST: £35 per 4 hour class (maximum 16 people.)



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