Books Open, International and Ethic Actors Agency London

Niche Actors London is a boutique, specialist co-operative actors agency specialising in representing the very best Niche acting talent in London and Manchester based on Nationality/Ethnicity or UK regional.

Are you an actor who is struggling to get seen for, TV, Stage and film work, or are you unhappy with your agent, then why not consider new representation?

It is our belief that in order to be successful, every actor ought to know their strengths as an actor and play to them. With so many actors being suggested on spotlight for roles, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to be seen. We believe that once you hone in on your niche, it narrows down the amount of actors which a casting director has to choose from, thus, dramatically increasing your chances of being seen for those roles casting directors find it difficult to cast.

Nich Actors London is part of Emerald entertainment LTD, and is running another very established actors agency.

We are committed to providing the actor, casting director and production companies with utmost professionalism and expertise in the casting process.

We are particularly interested in hearing from Back, Asian, Hispanic, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, European, Eastern European, African American, South Asian, Australian and American actors living and working in London or Manchester and looking for agent in 2017.

In order to be considered for an interview, it is essential that you are on spotlight and have a great showreel.


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